Walk Local ~ Support Local!

The Hereditary Neurological Disease Centre is a free-standing, non-profit organization. We often use the short version-HNDC- and this has apparently brought some confusion with the national HD organization, Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA). We are not, and never have been, an affiliate of the national organization. We share a common goal to assist those with Huntington’s Disease. Our direction, purpose, mission, and funding sources are dramatically different. ALL HNDC funds provide direct research and patient care programs for our regional area. ALL MONEY is used for these important program services; none is used for overhead or salaries. If you want to know where your dollars are used, please contact us and arrange an opportunity to learn more about WHERE your donations go, to WHOM they help directly in your area. PLEASE…Be an informed supporter and KNOW where your time, talent and donations are going. 

Please check our events page to get involved with a Walk of Hope near you.