Your donation to the Hereditary Neurological Disease Centre is important for patient care and research. Your gift will soon go to work, serving families that often feel they have nowhere else to turn. We work at the heart of the matter, helping families in moments of crisis, helping families live through the day-to-day of a time they can never understand…with a listening ear, a caring heart, and professional services that were once only a dream. While there is still much work to be done to bring about an end to Huntington’s disease, we thank you for your support, and also wish to acknowledge the tireless research efforts of all those that had, currently have, or may have Huntington’s disease in the future.

Pigs With a Purpose

Don’t you just love a little piggy bank? HNDC is “banking” on finding homes for our Pigs with a Purpose to raise funds for HD research. Call us and we will send you a bank, feed the little guy loose change (or $10s and $20s!!) until he is full. Once full, take it to the bank and cash it in, then send us a check. Keep your low maintenance pet and repeat process. If you would like to join us in this fundraising effort, please call the office and we will make sure you get one of these Pigs with a Purpose.